March 12, 2014
Good Night Sleep With Negative Ions Bed Sheet

Enjoy Negative Ions While You Sleep

A good quality bed sheet make a huge difference in sleep quality. Find out how to improve your sleep quality effortlessly.

Benefits Of Negative Ions

The Positive Effect Of Negative Ions

Now, don’t let the words “negative ions” evoke any negative thoughts of crazy scientists bent on destroying the world with their nonsensical experiments or get unnecessarily worried about these mysterious particles. From all indications, negative ions don’t have any harmful characteristics on humans; as a matter of fact, the opposite is the case.

Is there any logical reason why we have a tendency to experience better moods, a marked reduction in the rate at which we fall ill as well as enhanced readiness around beaches, waterfalls or when we take our bath using the bathroom shower? Despite the exhilaration we experience, just by being close to those natural and artificial environments respectively, such occurrences could be as a result of tiny charged particles called negative ions.

One of the benefits we derive from the presence of negative ions is the boosting of the rate at which a hormone that is responsible for mood swings (known as serotonin) is oxidized within the bloodstream. Another benefit we enjoy due to the presence of negative ions around us is that these ions can capture germs and microbes that are floating in the air. It was a European monk that was the first person to become aware of and marveled at the reaction of medical patients to the changes of the electrical condition of the air when breathing. Nevertheless, it was in the late 1930s that scientists began running experiments and to embark on medical research that will logically explain this amazing phenomenon.

So this begs the question: what is responsible for the production of negative ions? The concept behind the generation of negative ions is that when water falls, that action rips the neutral particles in the air apart, thus releasing negative ions. These ions then adhere to the smaller air particles nearby, and by so doing, a new compound which is mostly composed of negative charges, are formed. These negatively-charged air particles usually come about near breaking ocean waves or waterfalls. Sometimes, it has been observed that flowing streams of water from showers can generate negative ions. This explanation throws more light on why we tend to feel healthier and reinvigorated at the seaside or around waterfalls, just as we feel the therapeutic effect after taking a shower.

But surprisingly, despite the fact that negative ions enhance our physical and mental well-being, positive ions do the opposite. In fact, it has been scientifically observed that increased concentrations of positive ions reduce our resilience to fight floating allergens as a result of the effect it has on the throat. Our throat naturally produces mucous which are responsible for transporting germs from our digestive tract to our stomachs where they will be burned as a result of the presence of the acids therein.

Besides, several experiments have established the fact that positive ions tighten fluid-carrying vessels such as capillaries, veins, etc. and this action decreases the rate at which oxygen that is rich in nutrients gets circulated in the body and subsequently absorbed by the various parts of our anatomy. Positive ions have also been observed to be highly concentrated in areas where pollution is prevalent such as offices, factories, vehicles as well as in residential and urban areas. Positive ions are also frequently found where there is arid and hot desert air. As a matter of fact, civilization has come to associate these effects of hot and dry winds from the wilderness with poor health, misfortune, and calamity. Some of the notable examples of such phenomena are the Santa Ana winds in California, the Sharay in Israel and the Foehn in the French Alps.

Just to showcase how significant the commercial and medical communities are concerned with the issue of negative ions and its effects on the human body, several ionizing products are now being sold on the market, each one promising to create as well as deliver negative ions. But before you consider spending your hard-earned money on any of the devices mentioned above, there is a lot of doubt about the efficacy of these products and the reason for this distrust or misgivings is that these devices are usually deployed in areas where positive ions are predominant. High concentrations of positive ions can neutralize these negative ions that are produced by these devices, thus making its effect useless and void. Furthermore, many of these ionizers can generate dangerous quantities of ozone. This implies that for such devices to have the desired effect by producing negative ions, it is necessary that such devices be used in places with environmentally clean air.

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