Enjoy Nature

One of the best way to relax is to enjoy nature

Plan an excursion in nature. Before you go, it is recommended that every person takes a little backpack full with lunch, snack, water. Bring along a small spiral bound sketch book, journal, colored pencils, pastels, ziploc plastic bag for collecting nature treasures, for example, leaves, rocks, feathers, etc.

Nature contain the best entertainment you could ever find! Enjoy activities thoroughly in nature in all four seasons.

Things To Do In Nature

  • Start with finding a lovely place and sit quietly for about 20 minutes taking in your surroundings.
  • Choose a location that is different than usual. Listen carefully and draw what you hear.
  • Find and look up to the skies. Become absorbed in it. Now imagine that you are walking through the sky. What’s it like. Draw on it.
  • Following your hike in a resting place, discover something around you that you absolutely adore. What’s is? Draw it or write about it in your diary. Feel that love disperse all around you.
  • Hug A Tree. Find a tree to sit by. Shut your eyes and imagine that you’re having a dialogue with the tree. Let it talk and you talk back. Enjoy the dialogue and then open your eyes and write down what you learned. Draw yourself under the tree, as well.
  • Gratitude journey. The disposition of appreciation makes us better people. Feel thankful for your life. Walk with the aim to feel thankful for nature’s beauty, and the trees, plants and creatures that cross your path. Thank the trees for their shade and yes, hug them! Thank the flowers for their beauty, the insects, birds and frogs for their excellent presence, nature and all for making our lives possible. Gratitude is a wonderful feeling. Write down what you are thankful for in nature in addition to what you are grateful for in your life.
  • Just meditate. Simple meditations are a great way to relax in nature. Locate a comfortable spot and simply shut your eyes. Have them feel it and imagine kindness or harmony or peace or attractiveness. Do it for 5 – 10 mins.
  • Daydream, simply sit there doing nothing except daydream. It could be a wonderful way to relax in nature.

There are many things and many ways to relax in nature. All it takes is to go for a trip to nature and you are bound to find different ways to enjoy it.

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