The Wonders Of Negative Ions

Negative ion can be found in natural areas where flowing water exist such as waterfall and the beach.

Benefit Of Negative Ion

Scientists have found out that our moods can be affected by electrical charges contained in the air around us, and that with controlled adjustments; such charges can be manipulated to affect our feelings.

This assertion was first made in 1932 by Dr. Hansell of the RCA, who noticed some form of behavioral changes in his colleague who worked close to an electrostatic generator, and he attributed this to be an effect of artificially generated negative ion possibly emitted by the electrostatic generator.

He discovered that some days, at the end of work, his colleague was hyperactive, while on other days, he was sullen and introversive.

Dr. Hansell became inquisitive and made some studies, result of which attributed the giddy moods of his colleagues to negative ions, and his introversions to positive ions generated by the electrostatic generator. This finding was later confirmed by reports of ionization research which was published in Europe a few months later.

In an experiment one uncomfortably hot afternoon in a hospital in Philadelphia, a man was made to sit close to some machines. A doctor came and switched on one of the machines. Its coiled swiveled and started rotating, giving out a sweetish smell. It was observed that the man sitting close to the machine felt refreshed, a new wave of energy and hyperactivity rushing through him.

A moment later, the doctor switched off the machine and put on another one. When that one started, it gave out a damp smell, which turned the air around the man unpleasant, and the man began to feel sullen, sad and depressed. His head felt stuffy, and his vision blurry.

This experiment carried out by Dr. Igho H. Kornblueh of the American Institute of Medical Climatology showed that atmospheric ions could affect human moods, as the first machine emitted negative ions, while the second was adjusted to emit positive ions.

We inhale and exhale atmospheric air every day and night to sustain life, and this air contains several substances, including gasses, water vapor, impurities, and ions. These ions are particulate, very tiny, and released in billions into the atmosphere by cosmic ray radiation, radioactivity, the ultraviolet, waterfall, thunderstorm, friction between sand and dust, gas flaring, storms, and some human activities which affect the atmosphere.

These ions dissolve in the air, and as humans breath them in, they are carried in the lungs to the blood vessels, from where they diffuse into every cell of the body bathed in the circulating blood.  There they affect our moods and response to things around us, not only in humans, it also affect all life forms,  and have  been found to play a role too in the tingling effect of rheumatic joints when there is a fall in the barometer, and the adaptive action of blocking of tunnels by ants in anticipation of rainfall and skittish growth of cattle before a storm.

In hot dry winds like Alphine Fohn and Rocky Mountain Chinook, where the air is saturated with positive ions, many people easily get distressed, the aged get infected with respiratory disorder and joint pains.

Children mostly become introverted, depressed and withdrawn, exhibiting suicide tendencies, while the ash Nat c suffer a lot of wheezing and gasping for breath. However, some health young ones adapt to the unpleasant atmospheric condition and survive.

In contrast to the above, when the air is saturated with negative ions, it gives a healthy and happy feeling.

Negative ion have not been proven to cure any known ailment, but many doctors believe that it can be used therapeutically to provide temporary relief as long as they are breathed, but some doctors however still doubt this fact.

A Philadelphia doctor, Dr. Komblueh who was studying brain wave patterns was reported to have held a negative ionizer to the nose and mouth of a factory worker who was rushed to his hospital with second-degree steam burns on Hus legs and back. In minutes, the pain disappeared, and there was no need to administer morphine. Dr Komblueh thus concluded that negative ions tranquilize persons in severe pains.

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